J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC advises private and public clients from the aerospace industry in general: systems and planes manufacturers, airlines, ground-handling companies, aerodromes, air navigation services, civil aviation authorities, etc.

From well-known international conventions to specific national air or space law provisions, J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC will do its best in assisting you or your company find professional solutions that answer efficiently and adequatly your needs.

Recently, the emergence of drones and their use for all kinds of purposes has led J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC to develop a new field of competences, from the laws governing the manufacture of drones to those governing their use and integration in civil and military airspace.

In the same vein, J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC advises private or institutional clients willing to operate aircrafts or drones in near-space, for communication or observation purposes.

J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC also provides expert assessments for private as well as for public entities in the aerospace field.

On request, it also provides tailor-made courses covering a broad range of legal topics in relation with the aerospace industry in general.